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Welcome to boardprospects.com Version 2.0!  We at BoardProspects are excited to bring you what we believe is the future of corporate governance.  Version 2.0 provides a platform through which board members and prospective board members can view and share the latest in boardroom news, information, best practices and recruitment opportunities.  Our platform also provides a forum through which organizations and companies can search our boardroom community for potential board members.

The process is easy and free.  Just register, create a Profile, and begin exploring: see the latest news from boardrooms all across the world in our BoardNews Section; learn the latest in best practices from our corporate governance experts in our BoardBlogs Section; join one of our BoardRooms (or create your own) and see what other members are discussing when it comes to non-profit, private and public company governance; find out who is joining which board in our BoardMoves; access potential board opportunities in our Recruitment Section; and Connect and follow other Members.

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I also want to take this opportunity to thank our Content Partners – BDO, LLP, Institutional Shareholder Services, Inc. (“ISS”), Pearl Meyer & Partners, Goodwin Procter, LLP, and NASDAQ OMX.  These firms are recognized thought leaders in the boardroom space and their blogs, white papers and webinars can be found in our BoardKnowledge Section.

We at BoardProspects believe that a forum in which board members and prospective board members can share information and best practices and learn from one another, is critical to improving corporate governance.  Therefore, I ask you to help us spread the word about BoardProspects.  Please invite your colleagues and friends who serve on a board, or may be interested on serving on a board, to join BoardProspects – and help us shape the future of corporate governance.

Best Regards,

Mark C. Rogers

Founder and CEO of boardprospects.com

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